Supply of horizontal rectangular high pressure high vacuum vertical sliding double door sterilizer, carriage for rectangular steam sterilizer, trolley for rectangular steam sterilizer, control packing table with drawer, SS work table with under shelves, SS vertical sliding door, SS work table with double sink, washer disinfector, ultrasonic cleaner, drying cabinet, SS rack with 5 shelves, SS table trolley with 2 shelves, gauze cutting machine with SS table, water distillation unit, SS storage tank, air spray gun rinser for sink, pass box, SS work table with under shelves, SS rack with 5 shelves, sealing machine with SS table, SS free standing basket rack, SS wire basket, SS wire instrument trays, horizontal cylindrical high speed instrument single door sterilizer fully automatic and surgical scrub station floor mounted double bay and ETO sterilizer, low temperature high speed gas plasma sterilizer machine.

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Tamil Nadu

October 23, 2013

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