Supply Of Cable And Conductor Testing Machines Equipment 15 Nos For Electrical Lab:-Smoke Density Tester For Cable Testing, Halogen Acid Gas Tester For Cable Testing, Multicell Ageing Oven, Thermal Stability Test Apparatus For Cable Testing, Cold Chamber For Cable Testing, Fixture For Cold Impact Test Apparatus ( Low Temperature Impact Apparatus ) For Cable Testing, Torsion Testing Machine ( Wrapping Test ) For Cable Testing, Ss Tank With Anti-Corrosive Paint For Cable Testing, Step-Up Transformer With Digital Ac Voltmeter & Ammeter For Output ( Horizontal Type Dimmerstat Model ) , Wheatstone Bridge ( Dual Type Wheatstone Cum Kelvin Double Bridge Preferred ) ) , 5000 Ampere Capacity Copper Flexible ( Silk Woven Or Laminated Shim Type ) Shunt With ( Crimped ) Solid Square Copper End Plates In Four Numbers

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Tamil Nadu

January 27, 2020

Key Value

8 Lakhs

8 Lakhs

8 Lakhs